Working for policies that make
Fairfax County safe and 
welcoming for ALL.

Fairfax for All is a coalition of grassroots, civil rights, immigrant rights, and faith-based organizations dedicated to building sanctuary in Fairfax County. We seek to end policies that render migrants and communities of color vulnerable to racial profiling, discrimination, detention, and deportation, including ending Fairfax County’s voluntary cooperation and collaboration with federal immigration authorities.


At FAIRFAX for ALL we:


  • Respect the human rights and dignity of every person.

  • Strive to center the leadership and voices of community members most directly affected by immoral immigration policies.

  • Oppose mass incarceration, including detention and deportation, as an impediment to free, healthy, just, and inclusive communities.

  • Oppose Fairfax County local law enforcement playing any role in immigration enforcement.*

  • Reclaim and expand the definition of sanctuary.

  • Resist state actions that may be lawful but immoral.

  • Build up new, inclusive models, such as restorative justice, as we dismantle unjust systems.

  • Educate and influence community leaders and members to create a trusting community.


Member Organizations

CASA, Centreville Immigration Forum, DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network, Herndon-Reston Indivisible Immigration Issues Committee, La ColectiVA, NAKASEC, and Tenants and Workers United.​


*Fairfax County local law enforcement should play no role in immigration enforcement so as not to undermine their focus on public safety. This position should in no way be construed as a statement of support of local law enforcement's current conduct and policing practices and policies. In many cases, the biggest threat to certain peoples’ safety and well-being while in Fairfax County is local law enforcement itself, which has also played a role in separating families through disproportionate policing of Black, brown, and low-income communities in the County.

Take Action!

We Work to End:

  • County cooperation with ICE.

  • County contracts with ICE.

  • County agreements with ICE.

  • All County support for migrant detention & deportation.

We Work for Policies That:

  • Ensure safety for all.

  • Lift up human dignity.

  • End discrimination & profiling.

  • Dismantle the deportation  machinery.

  • End mass incarceration.